I always wonder about Sebastian Stan’s photo shoots. Like, how the hell did the photographer explain this?

"You know, I’m really going for an artsy and sophisticated…wet t-shirt contest. So if you could just go a little trashy for me please? Maybe drop your mouth open just a touch? Yep, that’ll do it."

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Let’s keep it clean and relatively trope free people.


Ok we know that Felicity & Oliver are going on a date in the first episode, which is awesome and super exciting to all of us Olicity shippers out there,


but at the same time we also know that Oliver is going to realize he can’t be with her because it’s to dangerous.


I’m worried that they’re going to go down that super angsty path, that shows LOVE too do. Where instead of being honest and Oliver voicing his concerns and the two of them have a legitimate conversation about it, he’s going to lie and say that he doesn’t feel that way about her. Now the part of me that loves angst (and all the awesome fic it produces) can kind of Dig that 


(What I resent the implication I said that just so I could include a shirtless gif of David Ramsey) but I really want this pairing to stay as free as possible of the usual tropey bullshit.  

I think one of the big things about there relationship is that they’re honest with each other. For along time Felicity was the only women in Olivers life who knew his secret identity, Felicity in return was willing to risk their friendship and any future romantic prospects to tell him the truth about Thea’s parentage.  


Throughout the last series they made a point of making Felicity Oliver’s equal not his subordinate and I think that for this ship to go on the writers need to do something different and have them make a  mature thought out decision not to get involved (for now) because their night job is both to dangerous and to important.